08 January 1939

DNA methylation

RNA splicing

transcription factors


the 3D structure of chromatin


toxicity assessment

Insurance: YouSurance is the first company to use epigenetic biomarkers to assess life insurance applicants’ health and lifespan. Are you concerned about insurance companies making such uses of the findings of epigenetic research?

Forensic investigation: It has been noted that it may now be possible to produce a profile of a criminal suspect out of a drop of blood that provides details regarding age, diet, smoking status, medications, polluted environment the suspect lives in, and if they have a traumatic history of abuse. Are you concerned with epigenetic knowledge being used for forensic investigations?

Immigration: Findings from epigenetic research regarding “biological age” may be used by immigration agencies to prove the age of undocumented minor migrants seeking asylum. Are you concerned with epigenetic findings being used in immigration?

Direct-to-consumer epigenetic testing: Private companies have started offering online direct-to-consumer epigenetic testing for a variety of conditions related to health and well-being, such as biological aging, smoke exposure, and skin type. Most of these companies provide consumers with health and lifestyle advice based on their epigenetic profile. Are you concerned with epigenetics tests being offered directly to the public by private companies?

Developmental Epigenetics (i.e. the state and role of epigenetic mechanisms during development)

Functional Epigenetics (i.e. the biological function of epigenetic mechanisms)

Disease Epigenetics (i.e. identification of epigenetic ‘signatures’ of diseases)

Predictive Epigenetics (i.e. the identification of epigenetic risks or probabilities)

Environmental Epigenetics (i.e. the impact of environmental exposures on epigenomes)

Nutritional Epigenetics (i.e. the impact of nutrition on epigenomes)

Social Epigenetics (i.e. the impact of social exposures on epigenomes)

Behavioral Epigenetics (i.e. the impact of diet, lifestyle and other behaviors on epigenomes)

Diagnostic Epigenetics (i.e. development and optimization of epigenetic tests and diagnoses)

Pharmacological Epigenetics (development and optimization of epigenetic drugs/treatments)

Methods in Epigenetics (i.e., development and optimization of research methods)

Epigenetic inheritance

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