01 October 2019

Today, I just submitted the letter of intent for the interal grant application in Marshfiled Clinic Research Institute as the PI. The proposal I submitted this year named: Deep Learning Prediction of Chemotherapy Response using Multi-Omics Features. Same with other grant, the first step of the application is submit letter of intent. You need prepare the title, PI/co-PIs, research abstract including background, hypothesis, aims, strategy and significance. You don’t need to get signature from all the co-PIs in this step. Usually the research abstract should be less than 500 words. You should submit 2 potential reviewer to review your abstract.

After you prepared these materials, you need to submit the information to “Intent to submit” from Research Hub (RH). Just input the information one by one. The whole process usually takes 5-10 mins. and then you will receive the confirmation email to let you know you can prepare the proposal now. usually, the proposal should be less than 6 page. When you prepare the “letter of intent”, you need discuss carefully with all the co-PIs and make the final version and receive confirmation to agree to submission. It become hard to receive even internal grant since this round, MCRI will only support 3 proposal while more than 30 proposals were submitted. Please sure leave enough time for you co-PIs to give comments and approval since some of them are quite busy. I suggest to ask for comments at least 7 days advanced.

This year, I submitted a pure computational proposal without any biology and clincial/genomic data collection. I proposed a novel method to a public dataset since the internal grant quota is only 65,000. It is little better than UW-Madison which is 50,000$. Hope this proposal can be funded.

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