03 April 2017

Science Writing: Guidelines And Guidance

  • nut graf (key points) is most important point in your paper.
  • if it states something most readers already know, they won’t feel the need to keep reading
  • if it is too obscure, reader will not invest time to read it
  • don’t let readers assmble your nut graf for you
  • show your nut graf as soon as possible and explicitly.
  • don’t split your nut graf as pieces and let reader to gather them together.
  • keep the contents lives up to the nut graf otherwise the reader will be feeling be cheated.
  • no mind-reading required
  • no ships in bottles
  • prepare a poster and prepare a PPT-slice will help you make the manuscript better.
  • therefore, when you finish your manuscript, prepare a poster and slices as soon as possibile.
  • Write a popular science story for your mansucript also enhance the quality of the manuscript.
  • Let your colleagues read it and give some comments will give important help for the manuscript

  • All the figures are only used for non-profit education. reminding me if infrigement happens.

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